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"Silence is necessary for the human spirit if it really is to thrive, and not only just to thrive but to be creative, to have a creative response to life, to our environment to friends. Because the silence gives our spirit room to breathe, room to be."
John Main

"Bed is where you are relaxed, theatre is where you are alive"   
Yoshi Oida

Inside the Breathing Space Yurt

Breathing Space is committed to creating space for people.
We are seeking to integrate a contemplative lifestyle with compassionate creativity.
Beyond words a breathing space.

Arts and Creativity
We are growing out of a collaboration of actors, writers, visual artists, educationalists, musicians and story-tellers.

We run creativity workshops for all ages, children and adults.
We foster new work including (but not exclusively) our own.
We host inclusive seasonal gatherings with stories poetry art music.

The Breathing Space Yurt is a unique resource centre which provides a small and beautiful communal space.
As a structure it embodies much of our ethos.
It is an organic structure providing a flexible and portable space. It is based in New Barnet - 25 minutes from central London.
It provides unpressurised space away from the climate of competition.

The Yurt i
s part of a network of Small Pilgrim Places

Active Creativity
We enjoy using the arts as an agent of change in a troubled world.

We are members of the Trade Justice movement and  work to raise awareness on this and other peace and justice issues.

We work to provide a safe space for listening to each other.
Rooted in the Christian tradition, we welcome and work with people from other traditions, and none, in pursuit of the common good.
We recognise that peace-making has both personal and institutional dimensions.

Our aims and projects can be found by clicking the links on the left.