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"There probably isn't
a word for 'stress' in Mongolian"
Bruce Parry
(BBC2 - The Tribe)

Welcome to the Yurt

  The Yurt in a garden setting

The Breathing Space Yurt is a multi-purpose space and has been used for - celebrations, cabarets, combined art workshops, drama, play rehearsals, creative writing, a drumming circle, a film show. Up to 49 people can attend and be comfortably accommodated. But regardless of the number and variety of events that we regularly hold here the Yurt is a place of quiet inspiration.

The Yurt (or Ger) has been home to the Nomads of Central Asia for over 1500 years.

We first encountered one at a storytelling festival in Shropshire. We liked the aesthetic and organic nature of the space and felt that it's ambience would enhance many of the events that we were planning. Over time we have come to realise that the yurt is an embodiment of our ethos.

We have prepared a virtual journey which is designed to help you to get to know the Breathing Space Yurt. Relax, and give yourself time to respond to the journey in your own way.

Please click here to start the journey.

You can see a speeded up film the Yurt being put up below.