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The following artists are all part of the Breathing Space collective

Creative Co-ordinators

Heather Ellis  
Heather Ellis Heather is a Breathing Space creative co-ordinator. She is a visual artist consultant, inspirational teacher and artist and photographer.


Amanda Miles  
A personal image for Amanda Miles I never wear stickers with my name on... but here goes. I've trained as an actor with E15 and with Desmond Jones. I love melding drama work with nature, poetry, storytelling and visual art. I have years of workshop leading and directing  experience. I'm a qualified teacher. My credits in both film and theatre include the feature film "Crust" alongside Kevin McNally and a six foot giant boxing prawn - do ask! I admire lots of people including most children I know, Augusto Boal, the Playback Theatre community, Rowan Williams, Jo Wilding and all who worked with her in Circus2Iraq. I try to keep moving outside of my comfort zone. I am a creative co-ordinator for Breathing Space.


Rob Miles  
A personal image for Rob Miles I am also a Breathing Space creative co-ordinator. Having buried myself in computers for more years than I would like to remember, I am now making up for lost time. I have trained as an actor, my performances range from Petruccio (Shakespeare) to Robin Hood (Pantomime - with tights - don't ask). I have also written several stage and screen plays. I care passionately about trade justice as well as peace and justice issues.

Other Artists

Becca Brewin
Becca specialises in movement and also coordinates a meditation group in South London.

Frankie Coventry
The first images I drew were animals, endless stick horses covering scraps of begged for paper or the spare pages from old diaries. My love of them has grown as I've grown older, hopefully not too sentimental, certainly more respectful. I have always been more interested in representing the small rather than the landscape. I am fascinated by the perfection of seed, berry, shell, fur and feather - and what's behind those beautiful, direct eyes... that "little flicker or spirit"... after all, we are all animals. For more details of my work please visit my new website

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Nadia Al Faghih Hasan  
Nadia and djembe Nadia has been intensively involved with African Drumming during the last five years. She has taught and performed mainly within a educational and community based setting. She has worked with individuals and groups, in various capacities, using African percussion, voice, steelpan, theatre and story telling. Nadia enjoys working with people with different backgrounds and especially breaking barriers within groups and communities. Currently she works all over London.

Molly Hagen
Molly enjoys working with textiles but is happy working with almost any visual arts media. She has workshop experience with a wide-range of people.

Pam Pott   
A personal image for Pam Pott Listen and enjoy! This was my experience when I first came across storytelling in 1998 at Greenbelt Arts Festival, having designed and installed the venue. It changed my life! My story before that included a Manchester childhood then folksinger, teacher, wife, mother to 3, artist, designer and poet. My son describes me as a 21st century hippy and all these experiences provide backbone to the telling of many stories - traditional, personal and biblical. I am a member of the Society For Storytellers, The Telling Place and Eltham storytelling club. I am currently planning some women's events called "Trading Air" dealing with rites of passage at various stages of life.

Tess Ward
Tess is a liturgical writer and an Anglican priest. She is also the chair of the Breathing Space Insight group. Details of her new book "The Celtic Wheel of the Year" can be found here