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Trees Summer Workshop

"Tree of Life" installation in the yurt  
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This 3-day, all age summer workshop proved to be something special. One of the things we wanted to encourage was an appreciation of the environment and especially some of the trees in one of our local parks. Many arts based activities over the three days aided this process including the following

  • A tree trail - where participants had to spot and identify twelve trees in the park from a colourful worksheet that we had created.
  • Using poems, books and poetry to stimulate creative writing and drawing.
  • After looking at images of some of Andy Goldsworthy's environmental art the participants went off, alone and in small groups, and created a wide variety of their own work - ranging from abstract patterns to a 6ft "leaf" snake emerging from it's hole in a tree.
  • The story "The Man Who Planted Trees" was used as a basis of group drama activities.
  • A large tree mobile was created out of individual pieces of artwork created by ALL of the workshop participants.

We are currently looking to build on the elements of this workshop and extend it to be used for environmental and heritage projects in other parks and green spaces. It would be particularly suitable for schools and other young people's groups or clubs. Please for more information or to book an environmental workshop.