East Barnet Festival - G8 Make Poverty History Weekend

Make Poverty History Gordon and the Ballot Box Send Gordon Brown A Message
The Zapatista Air force Zapatista Air force  
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Here is a photo montage of our Make Poverty History events at New Barnet Festival when the G8 were meeting in Gleneagles.

The artwork was drawn by Breathing Space artist Frankie Coventry and was integral to transforming the yurt into a space which reflected the theme of a "carnival of protest". We had stories from around the world, including one about the Zapatista Air force (consisting of paper planes, covered with slogans and thrown into an invading army camp).

We also gave the opportunity for visitors to write a personal message to Gordon Brown and then post it in the "ballot box". Over a dozen of these personal messages were then sent to Gordon Brown, urging him to continue his support for trade justice in order to support the poorer nations of the world.