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Shakespeare Workshops

Livy working on a monologue Charles (as Angelo) considering his position Let me explain... Stewart's monologue Jane - working the text "When I would pray and think..."
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As part of an ongoing project with Shakespeare's Measure for Measure we held a one-day workshop in June 2005. Several actors got together to work on aspects of the text using games and physical theatre techniques we explored aspects of the play and it's characters.

Some Feedback

"I liked the encouragement to play, to try things out and not to worry about getting things wrong"

"I learnt really good stuff about releasing the text"

"The Yurt is unique for atmosphere. A lovely venue to rehearse and be in"

"You would never normally get this standard of teaching and workshop leading for so little money"

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Breathing Space is running a series of Shakespeare workshops - for actors and non-actors from September. For more information please fill in the form below - alternatively you can always contact us to book a place.

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