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Mixed activity during a Bambert workshop

Our Integrated Arts programme runs throughout the year.

Integrated Arts enables multiple art forms to interact with and influence each other. It involves each participant physically, visually, aurally and orally. Sessions are developed to promote self-confidence, exploration and co-operation in a fun and non-competitive environment. The sessions are process not product oriented.

Integrated Arts is also a way of working around a  "mixed table" — a collaboration among artists, teachers, administrators, youth, adults and community members. Working in this way encourages growth to take place within an art form whilst making a connecting thread across learning experiences.

Examples of what an Integrated Arts project might look like can be seen by clicking on the links – but the best way is to book up something from our programme and see for yourself!

"For me, the real place of transformation has to be internal. We may be able to make very large interventions in the world, but they will not have any value – or will be reinforcing existing structures of conformity, whether it’s capitalism or fascism – unless they come from the fragility of personal experience."
Anthony Gormley