Greenbelt Arts Festival 05

"Tree of Life" installation in the yurt "Tree of Life" installation in the yurt "Tree of Life" installation - close up The yurt amongst the Tee Pees
"Tree of Life" installation "Tree of Life" installation The yurt on a misty Monday Yurt and Tee Pees
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Here are a few photos from our time at the Greenbelt arts festival. We set up the yurt with a central mobile entitled "Tree of Life" which was the theme of the festival. It consisted of artwork created by about 15 young (and not so young) people and reflected the myriad "voices" of the participants.

During the festival we hosted daily meditation sessions as well as workshops which involved storytelling, constructive dialogue around issues in the Iraq conflict and a celebration evening of peace stories, together with members of the L' Arche community.

As well as these workshops we also opened the yurt as a space where people could simply spend time, in whatever way they most wanted to.

We were delighted with the feedback which included a "sparkler of gratitude"

"We'd like to say thank you for the use of your yurt - 'twas very peaceful. Here's a small sparkler of gratitude".