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Friern Barnet School - Frenzy Friday Event

Carnival - Party and Protest

Listening to a story Pam Pott - storytelling
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Carnival workshop - storytelling with art activity.

To celebrate their status on becoming a beacon school for the performing arts, Friern Barnet school held a multi-arts event called Frenzy Friday. As part of their celebration Breathing Space set up the Yurt on the school grounds and hosted activities around the themes of carnival and protest.

We explored together the rich tradition of Carnival as something half-way between party and protest. We explored symbols of peace such as the kite and the paper crane and heard stories from the present and the past.

Students were able to identify their own causes for celebration and their hopes for change in the world and express these in their art work which included graffiti art and origami - Japanese paper cranes. The story of Sadako Sasaki movingly told by Pam Pott helped students to consider personal stories so many of which are lost in the ravages of war.

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